A quick guide to sustainable seafood in the south of France

Best Choices: Albacore and skipjack caught in the Pacific Ocean with trolls or polls. Handline caught Pacific Yellowfin is also good. In the mediterranean coastal areas, avoid locally caught tuna because tuna caught in the Mediterranean Sea is not sustainable. If in doubt let it go, because most tuna populations are overfished. Summary: Look for imported Pacific Albacore. In French: “D’où vient le thon ? Je ne mange que le thon albacore de l’océan pacifique.”

One day in Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel as a day trip from Paris: can it be done? There is plenty of debate on the subject, and while some say it’s at least a weekend-long commitment, others say it makes a great single day excursion. The people in the first camp aren’t completely wrong; it’s true that if you planned to Read More

One day in Amsterdam

Doing Amsterdam from Paris in a weekend was easy. I thought my itinerary gave me a pretty good taste of some different sides of the city. The canal cruise was the perfect way to start it off, because I was able to get my bearings and generally get to know the layout of the city, while learning a bit about the history of the different neighborhoods.

Galway and the Cliffs of Moher

Harry Potter. The Princess Bride. These are just a two of the films that have featured the gorgeous and mysterious landscape officially known as the Cliffs of Moher. This last week I was lucky enough to walk along the edge of them, more than seven hundred feet above the ocean.

Parisians and the white sneaker

French style is all about accentuating what you like about yourself, highlighting your best natural features. This applies to makeup as well as clothing. Your clothes should follow you and your personality before it follows any trends. Well-made, quality, tailored clothing in colors that suit your complexion are always in style, and sustainable fashion even more so!