Transportation in Paris

Getting around Paris doesn’t have to be hard! In fact, it’s just the opposite. Transportation in Paris is relatively simple. The metro works excellently, and when the metro doesn’t get you directly to where you want to go, the bus system is just as good. You can get anywhere in Paris or its surroundings by public transport, even late at night, once you know what to do!

Pigeons at Notre Dame

As I’ve said before, Notre Dame is one of my favorite places in Paris. Even with all the tourists, it always seems calm in the area around it. Sometimes street performers play music by the Seine, and sometimes a bride and groom are having their pictures taken behind the cathedral. It’s always a nice place to be. Unfortunately, the pigeons also think it’s a nice place to be.

The flight to Paris

Three airports, two flights, one propeller plane, no problem! I got lucky when I booked my flight to Paris. Looking at international round-trip flights from Detroit, even during off-peak tourist season, prices were upwards of a thousand dollars. Flying out of Canada, though, with a direct-to-Paris flight from Toronto, was less than half the price.