Ice fishing for non-fishers

Saturday morning, I made my very first attempt at ice fishing, and only my second ever attempt at fishing in general. Please know that while I love to travel and I love nature, I am not an outdoorsy person. I rarely go hiking, I camp even less often, and I have never once been hunting. Still, I’m always down to go on a new adventure! When one of my professors invited a group of my classmates and I to go ice fishing this weekend at Fish Lake in southern Utah, I was the first to sign up.

Into the Paris Catacombs

Once I found out that there were essentially secret tunnels underneath the city, filled with bones and other potentially creepy/cool things, I knew I absolutely had to see them for myself. Of course, for safety reasons, the French authorities don’t allow the general public to go snorkeling and exploring on their own in the catacombs. There is, however, a section that is open to people like you or me. I’ve been twice, so it’s safe to say it’s pretty cool.